A Personal Note

“And that they put on the tassel of each corner a cord of tekhelet”
Renewal of the Tekhelet in Tzitzit – Worldwide Jewish
Project – The Establishment of the Tekhelet Foundation

Following more than forty years of vast experience in the field, Dr. Israel Ziderman and coworkers are launching an ambitious working plan, which aims to reinstate the mitzvah of tekhelet cords from the banded dye-murex in the tassels of the tallit. This mollusk is native to the Mediterranean Sea. At the same time the shellfish will be preserved from extinction in nature because of marine pollution.

In a thorough study lasting several decades, inspired by the doctoral thesis of former Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Isaac Halevi Herzog, Dr. Israel Ziderman has identified the snail, used in the dye industry in Eretz Yisrael until it was lost 1,300 years ago.

The trunculus-tekhelet has become available in recent years, but it is not manufactured in sufficient quantities for universal use.

We are looking for partners with vision, for whom the Jewish tradition, religion and keeping mitzvot are close to their hearts.

We hope to find people who are interested in our initiative and in our work plan, which includes three years of research and development and then two years of preparation for mass production of tekhelet for the Jewish World, with the aim of reaching:

  •  50,000 sets in 2017
  •  100,000 sets in 2018
  •  250,000 sets in 2020

The program includes initial marketing through the Internet.

We are calling upon you to join us, to show interest, to come and hear, to examine our program and to take part in the great challenge of our times – to renew the mitzvah of tekhelet in all Jewry after a break of 1,300 years.