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Tying Method and String Ratio

Date: January 19, 2020 RH to IZ: I created a website called bluefringes.com … In earlier pictures it appears you are wearing Rambam or Raavad strings and switched later on? Or is it my imagination? Out of curiosity, what compelled you to switch if that’s the case? IZ to RH: Thanks so much for your interest. In […]

On Widespread Divisiveness on Tying Method and String Ratio

Date: June 3-7, 2020 Email correspondence between Dr. Israel Ziderman and Rafi Hecht.   IZ to RH: The widespread divisiveness in tying, encouraged largely by PETIL, should not be considered the main issue. But I myself believe that each individual should feel obliged to retaining his pre-tekhelet tying pattern [Ashkenazim 7-8-11-13] as a personal and […]

With regards to warring sides on string ratio

Date: May 4, 2020 IZ:  1. As regards to the prefered number of tekhelet cords in tsitsit, let me refer you to Rashi on לתת על המצנפת למעלה (Shemot 39:31), where he proves that, although the term “petil tekhelet” is in the singular, it refers to several cords and at the least to two cords. […]

Problems With Using an Extra Coloured String

Date: May 15 RR: Hi, question. Is an extra coloured string problematic? And are different chulyos opinions me’akev? i.e. If one was to wear Tosfos techeiles, would he be yotzei Rambam and Ra’avad as well? IZ: 1 & 2 no. 3 yes. RR: So I understand that if one wanted to be yotzei everyone, he […]

Petil is More Than One String

IZ: I recently dealt with these 2 objections – cost; single cord – in this group. Can you locate them? Regarding the singular petil issue, how would they design a tzitz with one petil? RH: A cord can have many strings. In the case of a Ptil there’s a disagreement whether Ptil means a rope-like […]

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