Tying Method and String Ratio

Tying Method and String Ratio

Tying Method and String Ratio 150 150 Israel Ziderman

Date: January 19, 2020

RH to IZ: I created a website called bluefringes.com … In earlier pictures it appears you are wearing Rambam or Raavad strings and switched later on? Or is it my imagination? Out of curiosity, what compelled you to switch if that’s the case?

IZ to RH: Thanks so much for your interest.

In reply, let me confirm that I have always recommended only Rashi-Tosafot and have only tied and worn accordingly.

Regarding your Title, may I comment that tzitzit are tassels – not “fringes”!

RH to IZ: And not all the fringes are blue. Hence fringes to act as partial ingredient to Tzitzit 🙂

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